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We started our auto journey from a cozy little room for a very limited number of customers for their motor vehicle repair services. As time passed, thanks to the love of those customers and their word of mouth marketing we came out of that box and built our Auto Sale dealership. We serve the community in the best possible manner in their own interest. 85% of our customers return business and the other 15% walk through our door as a result of personal reference. We do our best on servicing any motor vehicle. 


For what it’s worth, we tell our customers not to take driving with absolute peace of mind for granted. 


Because safety always comes first.

What We Offer

Car Battery Service

We offer expert car battery services, including inspection, replacement, maintenance, jump-start assistance, and eco-friendly recycling. Trust us to keep your vehicle powered up and running smoothly.

Full Car Detailing

Experience the ultimate transformation with our Full Car Detailing service. From pristine exteriors to immaculate interiors, we make your car shine like new. Book now for a breathtaking makeover.

Windshield Washer

Keep your view sharp and safe with our effective Windshield Washer fluid. Say goodbye to smudges and dirt, ensuring a clear and unobstructed journey. Get yours today for a clearer drive ahead.

Tire Mounting & Balancing

Ensure a smooth and balanced driving experience with our expert Tire Mounting & Balancing service. Trust us to handle your tires, so you can hit the road with confidence. Book now for a ride like never before.

Brake Rotors Replace

Upgrade your braking performance with our Brake Rotors Replace service. Our skilled technicians will install top-quality rotors, ensuring safety and smooth stops. Drive with peace of mind. Book now for enhanced braking power.

Break Pad Replace

Experience confident braking with our Brake Pad Replace service. Our experts will fit premium brake pads, ensuring optimal stopping power. Don’t compromise on safety. Book now for a secure driving experience.

Full Synthetic Oil Change

Give your engine the best with our Full Synthetic Oil Change service. Top-quality synthetic oil protects and enhances performance. Keep your ride running smoothly. Book now for peak engine care.

Buyer's Inspection

Get peace of mind with our Buyer’s Inspection service. Our thorough assessment helps you make confident decisions when buying a used vehicle. Know what you’re getting. Schedule now for a smart purchase.

Regular Oil Change

Ensure your engine’s longevity with our Regular Oil Change service. Our expert technicians use top-grade oil to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Don’t wait; maintain your ride’s health today. Book now for hassle-free maintenance.

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